Chasse-Galerie – 2020


2019-2020 was the first of the three year cycle of the regular class rules, a challenge where the aircraft: Lifts soccer balls and steel plates as cargo, Takes off in less than 30 meters, Minimises the sum of the wingspan and cargo bay length. The 2019-2020 team pushed the limits with regards to maximising cargo and successfully flew 9 soccer balls and 4.5 pounds of steel at competition. The Chasse-Galerie lifted, with no problems, the most soccer balls of all the aircrafts at the SAE Aero Design East competition. In order to minimise the wingspan- improving the flight score- while simultaneously providing enough lift, the team opted for a biplane configuration. In the same thought process, the soccer balls were arranged in a trellis fashion so as to have a shorter cargo bay. The team, led by Frédéric Larocque finished 5th for design report, 8th for the technical presentation, 5th for flight performance and 5th overall.