Mission statement


Founded in 1996, Avion Cargo brings together students who are passionate about aviation, engineering, aerodynamics and the unique challenges posed by aircraft design. We have been competing in the regular class of SAE’s Aero Design competition since our founding year and in the micro class since 2011. With deep-rooted values of teamwork, collaboration and learning above all, we pride ourselves on not only being competitive, but creating a legacy of alumni who are knowledgeable problem solvers and excellent collaborators. We create an environment geared towards extracurricular learning and enhancing the university experience. Our greatest pride is being part of a team that is a tight-knit unit and a family away from home. The experiences created here at Avion Cargo - from the design process to competition - are the toolboxes used throughout the rest of our careers as engineers and as students of the world.

The 1999 Avion Cargo team.


Danick Lamoureux
Numerical Methods Expert

I am responsible for all simulations and numerical analyzes of Avion Cargo, both in fluid dynamics and in solid mechanics. I am in my third year at Avion Cargo and it is always so pleasant to be part of this stimulating team. My favorite aspect of Avion Cargo is the members learning along the way, we start the project not knowing what to expect and we get by when we run into problems.

David Charpentier
Micro Member

I am in 1st year in aero engineering. What I like most about Avion Cargo is being able to carry out our own micro project. This allows us to gain more experience!

David Tran
Finance Assistant

I take care of the financial aspect, the management of the portfolio and I make sure to find the necessary funds to carry out the project. This is my 1st year in the team and 3rd year at Poly in industrial engineering. I decided to be part of the Avion Cargo team because I am passionate about aviation!

Emily Cohen
General Director

Hello Internet! As director general, I have the pleasure of working with all the departments of our student society to ensure that they have all the tools they need to reach their full potential. I prepare the schedules and the meeting agendas and after that, I prepare whatever the members need in order to do their magic: for example, organizing the flight tests or the design reviews with our sponsors. This is my third year at Polytechnique, in aerospace engineering, and my third year with Avion Cargo. The student society not only allowed me to grow as an individual and to gain more self-confidence, it also allowed me to watch my friends grow from shy freshmen into knowledgeable, creative and confident problem-solving students.

Félix Trottier
Micro Member

This is my first year at Avion Cargo! I design the aircraft's propulsion and electronics systems. What I like most about Avion cargo is that its motivating and cordial team spirit!

Hugo-Alexandre Latulippe
Perfomance Director

I am a third-year student at Polytechnique, and it will be my second year in Avion Cargo. This year, I am the director of the performance department, meaning I will be evaluating the performances of our aircraft to assure we are competitive. The thing I like the most about Avion-Cargo is seeing everyone evolve threw the year. Engineering projects make you learn a lot and develop yourself, seeing this in every one of the members and helping them reach their potential is fulfilling.

Julien Lavergne Roberge
Design Member

I'm in the design department and I work more specifically on the tail and empennage. I have been in Avion Cargo for a few months. My favorite aspect of Avion Cargo is the amazing team we have!

Kadem Aquachchar
Structure Manager

As a design manager, I help people create their CAD on SolidWorks without a hitch. I am starting my 2nd year at Polytechnique and at Avion cargo. What I like in this technical society is the teamwork and the cohesion that we have.

Laurent Emond-Brunet
Structure and Aerodynamic Analysis Adviser

I give recommendations to the team on the technical aspect of the work based on my experience, and I help certain members to develop certain skills specific to aircraft design. This is my 4th year on the team. What I like the most is the feeling of attachment between all the members, regardless of experience, year and skills. We are all dependent on each other and it seriously gives a family atmosphere. In fact, I'm still coming to meetings and taking part in the project this year after 3 full years just to see the members and enjoy the warm atmosphere of the team.

Matias Moana Guerrero
Structure Member

My role is to design the structure of the aircraft based on information from other departments and ideas from the whole team. This is my 2nd year on Avion Cargo and above all I love the freedom of each member to develop their ideas!

Noor Mahieddine
Performance Manager

I take care of maximizing the performance of our aircraft according to the rules of the competition by first working on our Python optimization program, then by doing analyzes for our various aerodynamic choices. This is my second year on the team and my first as a member of Regular, before I was manager of the Micro team. What I like about Avion Cargo is, first of all, that we are a small team, so we can quickly become friends, which makes working on the project much more fun!

Phillippe Rioux
Materials and Processes Specialist

This is the 3rd year that I have been part of Avion Cargo! What I like the most about this company is the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the team.

Pierre-Richard Junior Doffonsou
Structure Expert and Regular Designer

I am a 2nd year student in aerospace engineering, I am in charge of developing tools and methods for stress analysis in the parts of our aircraft. Avion Cargo is the perfect setting to give practical meaning to aero engineering courses, in an open and friendly setting.

Raoul Suprenant
Design Lead

I take care of managing the design process of the aircraft structure and the management of the 3D model. I've been on the team for 6 months! What I love the most is seeing the final product take flight!

Wassam Chalal
Structure Director

I take care of managing the structural department and I make sure that the construction of the aircraft is done according to the plans and the established deadlines. It's my 2nd year at Avion Cargo and what I like the most is putting into practice the knowledge I learned at school and participating in a real hands-on project with my friends!



Avion Cargo Polytechnique would never be able to accomplish our projects without the help of our wonderful sponsors. All of our successes and victories are thanks to their generosity. We are immensely grateful to have them as part of our team.

3M 3M is a conglomeration of scientific and technological companies that operate in 11 different industries including transport, automobile and energy. They produce over 50 000 products destined for companies and consumers.

911 Innovation 911 Innovation was founded in 2004 in Montréal. An engineering firm that’s known for its quick, flexible services at a competitive price, 911 Innovation can design, prototype and manufacture any product from A to Z. Its clientele includes innovative companies such as Bixi, Safran and Flir.

APC propellers APC propellers was founded in 1989 in California, USA. It produces propellers for acrobatic and model airplanes as well as drones. Over 500 propellers are currently available on the APC website, with a range of sizes and materials.

APN Global APN Global is a group of six companies specialised in the manufacturing of complex components for the aeronautical, defense, biological sciences and commercial industries. In 2018, it won the SME of the year in aerospace at the Grand Prix Gilles-Demers 2018. APN Global has a reputation of creating high quality pieces and is certified to the highest standards in Canada.

Bell Helicopter Textron Bell helicopters is a forward-thinking company that designs specialised aircrafts. The first company world-wide to certify a commercial helicopter and equally the first to break the sound barrier, Bell has a history rich in innovation. Bell serves clients in over 120 different countries.

Dassault Systems A technology company that serves clients in over 140 countries, Dassault Systems is the home of 3DExperience. Dassault provides several kinds of software, such as 3D modeling, materials analysis and project management.

Desjardins Founded in 1900, Desjardins currently services more than 7 million clients and employs over 45 000 employees. It is amongst the top 100 employers in Canada and is the first financial cooperative in the country. Desjardins holds community and simplicity as its core values. It contributes to its community through sustainability initiatives and financial education programs.

FAIE The FAIE is a student-run committee that works out of the Polytechnique Student Association with the mission to finance student projects at Polytechnique Montréal. The committee is made of students who are passionate about helping their colleagues in their initiatives.

Isolofoam Isolofoam is a Québec-based company that manufactures eco-responsible, high quality products in EPS. They service the construction, civil engineering and packaging industries.

Keyshot Keyshot is a Luxion product. Based in California, USA, Luxion is a software developer that specializes in realistic visuals. Keyshot creates 3D models with visuals that are as realistic as possible, allowing users to correctly visualize their product.

MATS Montreal Area Thermal Soarers is a club of aeronautics enthusiasts, engineers and remote controlled aircraft pilots who design and build gliders and electric RC airplanes. They participate in local tournaments, such as the Interclub series, as well as internationally. MATS is an enormous source of mentorship for us at Avion Cargo. They give us training and workshops in CAD, manufacturing techniques and design methodology. As well, they participated in the preliminary design review for the regular class team and offered their expert opinion in the design of the airplane.

PolyFab Normand Brais PolyFab is a student-run organization at Polytechnique Montréal. They provide access to laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines and other high end equipment for the students to be able to produce quality projects.

Polymos Founded in 1969, in Montreal, Polymos is a company that specializes in expanded resins. It offers services in consultation, design, prototyping and all other services that guarantee the success of the project at hand. Their expertise even paved the way for the production of the TV show “Les pires chauffards québécois”.

Polytechnique Montréal Polytechnique Montréal is an engineering school renowned worldwide for the quality of learning and research in engineering. It offers an active student life with its 20 technical student associations and many other student clubs. Its mission is to train the engineers of the future.

Scorpion Scorpion is a company dedicated to providing electric motors and speed controllers to remote control hobbyists and competitors. Their mission is to offer the largest selection of brushless motors, speed controllers and accessories all while being committed to customer satisfaction.

TeraXion TeraXion is a Québec-based company that develops and manufactures “innovative photonic components that incorporate fiber Bragg gratings, low noise lasers and integrated photonics”. It participates in the industries of telecommunications, medical appliances, aerospace and defense.

Universel UniSafetyShop is a distributor of protective equipment based in Montreal. It distributes twelve different brands and offers protective footwear, workwear, medical equipment and personal protection equipment.