Welcome to Avion Cargo!

Welcome to Avion Cargo Polytechnique Montréal! We are a family of students, engineers, airplane lovers and avid problem solvers! Every year we go from A-Z designing and manufacturing remote-controlled airplanes that we bring to SAE’s Aero Design competition. Along the way, we learn new concepts, pick up skills, make friends and most importantly, have a lot of fun! We compete in two classes that each present their own challenges:

Micro Class

We dedicate our micro class to first year students as a learning platform. The class is characterized by the disassembly and reassembly of the aircraft in a set amount of time as well as storage in limited spaces. This class is perfect for anyone who doesn’t know the first thing about building an airplane but is willing to put in the work to learn all about it! Our more seasoned students act as mentors throughout the year as most of them went through this class in their first year.

Regular Class

This class is our competitive team, composed of our seasoned students. A much bigger aircraft, true to our name, this is a plane that can carry a whole lot of cargo! Our team is equally larger than our micro class team with several departments that specialize in various parts of the design process. The team is composed primarily of aerospace and mechanical engineering students, some of which are alumni of our micro class team. The regular class is the right fit for anyone who’s looking to tackle big challenges.