Boreas – 2019


The challenge of the Micro class 2018-2019 was the same challenge as 2019-2020: the aircraft was designed to be disassembled and stored in a small box, with a cargo load in the form of PVC tubes. Taking up the work of the 2017-2018 team, pushing the limits by improving their design, Boreas lifted a 12 inch long PVC tube more than their predecessors, for a total of three tubes. Amongst the competitors, Boreas stood out due to its large wingspan and its considerable length (about 4 by 4 feet), despite being disassembled and stored in a box that was only 1ft by 1 ft by 4 inches. As well, the aircraft performed extremely well, with stable flights against the difficult conditions of Fort Worth of the flight days (plenty of gusts of wind). The team, composed entirely of first year students and led by Laurent Edmond-Brunet, finished 9th overall, 7th for flight performance, 11th for the technical presentation and 17th for the design report.