Testimonial - Cris and Cam

By Camila Diaz and Cristiana Deac – July 21, 2020

We began with the Avion Cargo team at the beginning of our second year at Poly. At first, it was a little intimidating given that we often heard that it was a technical association primarily made up of boys and we were worried that we wouldn’t find our place. The truth was that all these preconceived ideas held no water. Our experience was incredible, we participated in the design and the manufacturing of the airplane from beginning to end! We aren’t a large technical association, so we all have the chance to participate as much as we would like and to have important responsibilities. We never had too much difficulty given that the team was very welcoming and everyone was ready to help us if ever we had doubts or the workload became a little too heavy. We made friends that we will keep for many years and with whom we have more of a connection than just school. The many nights spent at the workshop eating pizza, listening to music and cracking jokes: this is what we will remember when we leave Poly. Not to mention the road trip all 24 hours to Florida!